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Naganadel's AvatarNaganadel
Naganadel's Avatar
I'm with OP on Alohan Vulpix. Vulpix in general is pretty overrated imo. Also Umbreon is super overrated too I think. I'm not super keen on any of the Eeveelutions but Umbreon might be my least favorite. I like just regular Eevee :U Shiinotic is cooler than Amoongus and anyone who thinks otherwise can fight me is entitled to their opinion. Also also Dunsparce deserves better. Like when they started doing Mega Evolution in the official games I thought just maybe, it's little Dunsparce's time to shine...but no such luck ;n; I'm hoping there's a PFQ Mega Dunsparce someday, it would be majestic~
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