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Single post in BananaLizard's Journal and Hunt log~

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BananaLizard's AvatarBananaLizard
BananaLizard's Avatar
Wanted Shinies/Albinos
To be clear: The pokemon listed in this table is how many of them I need -- if it says '0' under a shiny star and '1' under an albino star, I need 0 shinies and 1 albino of that pokemon. Hopefully that helps with any confusion, thank you~


'Mon Shiny Albino
2 0

Pokefarm Exclusives

'Mon Shiny Albino

Pokefarm Variants

'Mon Shiny Albino
0 4
0 2

Kanto Legendaries

'Mon Shiny Albino

Johto Legendaries

'Mon Shiny Albino

Hoenn Legendaries

'Mon Shiny Albino

Sinnoh Legendaries

'Mon Shiny Albino
11 14

Unova Legendaries

'Mon Shiny Albino

Kalos Legendaries

'Mon Shiny Albino

Alola Legendaries

'Mon Shiny Albino
16 16
1 1
1 1
0 1
1 1

PFQ Legendaries

'Mon Shiny Albino
Geckolithe head modified from official Pokemon Shuffle Growlithe image by me. Not Free to use.

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