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I'll be putting art-related stuff here! Template is made by Wardove from here!
Storing my previous avatars here....

1) [The default avatar] 2) by Jelllyfishbones. 3) Butterfree/Vivillon/Beautifly fusion made by me. 4) My cat ^w^. 5) I did this 'cause I was bored. I saw this and this lol. The Charsaurtle fusions were made by me ^^~ 6) Made by me~ 7) Made by aisuchi 8) From PFQ event~ Day 4. 9) Back to 7 10) Made by Yukirona here! 11) Made by Drocagen! 12) Drawn by me! (Not-pixelated/larger version: X) 13) Drawn be me!

Bleps Art Contest of Adorable!

Addy and Dusk's Atypical Art Contest!

(About 7 months later...) Digitalized!

Mia's Art Contest

First Digital Drawing

For this thread here.

• Primarina's Art Contest - v3! •

Digital Noibat

For this thread here.

Request by Deeny01

Request by loucariogirl

Request by Dango

Drawn on paper, scanned, and edited on computer~

Requested by Raijin

Scanned and edited verion:

Requested by qwertypop

Requested by Miki Titan

Requested by Drocagen

Ryu's B-day Art Contest - Melan prize

an art contest and socks


Spoodlebug's Characters

Xa and Ze.

Feedback :D

(Cause it made me feel nice :3) "Having Ze protect Xa and his hoard from a menacing Sableye is a fantastic idea, and really in character! The poses are dynamic, the idea is well executed, and you clearly put a lot of effort into the shading and drawing multiple characters! Somebody has to stand up for my little guy, and you've made sure someone will! Thank you!"

Seviper X Furret Fusion

I auctioned this, Boltninja got it!

Birthday Card thingy

Feel free to use.

Bear Fusion

Teddiursa X Cubchoo X Pancham. Also auctioned this, Kelsium got it!


For Raijin's art contest.

Wolfiest's Character-Rainer

Swag4Tails' Nameless Drago

Beemoji's Character-Elric

Beemoji's Character-Thomas

Infernapefan2's Character-Amantinda

Infernapefan2's Character-Dewbro

UnrealCoconut's Character

Persona OC Contest


Don't really update this much anymore.

OCs I guess?


Drawn by aisuchi from here! Drawn by Paravoina from here! Drawn by bffjuju62. Drawn by paperclip! Drawn by Drocagen! Drawn by me! Name/Nicknames: Charsaurtle, Char Species: Bulbasaur + Charmander + Squirtle fusion Personality: Loyal to friends and would fight for them. He is a bit edgy about his height (short), but that doesn't stop him from shooting out flames, water, or sharp leaf blades. Bio: N/A


Drawn by me! Drawn by paperclip! Drawn by hmforall! Drawn by BananaLizard! Drawn by RowletPrincess! Nicknames: Viveaufree, Vivvy, Free, V, Veau Species: A Vivillon + Beautifly + Butterfree fusion Personality: Shy but caring, she would only fight if she had to. She loves flying in meadows. She also loves flowers and has a huge flower collection. Bio: V was wounded by Combees while trying to collect flowers for her collection. She was found and healed by a Floette, Meadow, and they soon became bestest of friends. She has a talent that helps her find any kind of flower no matter how rare it is.


Drawn by me! Drawn by paperclip! Nicknames: Meadow, Mi-mi Species: Floette Personality: Nurturing and affectionate, somewhat like a mother. She never wants to evolve because she treasures the flower that V gave her and didn't want to lose it. She's trusting and social, sometimes too much for her own good. She loves playing with V in meadows. Bio: Meadow found Vivveaufree while looking for her flower. She could never leave an injured Pokemon by themselves, so she took V and helped her regain her strength. V soon thanked her by finding a special flower that could reflect her mood by changing colors.
Mega (Melan) Pidgeot:
Fishing Poké Ball

Fishing Poké Ball

Fishing Gear

(: 0)

A device for catching Pokémon while fishing. Caught Pokémon are transferred to the Fishing Hut for collection.

Sells for 100

Lv. 100 — +2,486,715
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Sweet food
Happiness MAX
Jolly nature
Made by Mystic Wolf
Shop<>Journal Collecting: 500k credits / 500 GP / 100 ZC / Other (Please check shop) ~Weirdo~ Image: X
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