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Goggles's AvatarGoggles
Goggles's Avatar
Aaron's the name. I'm 'bout 6"3', 180 pounds. I like swords. Like, a lot. I'm not muchuva writer, so I'mma make this quick. I'm 17, magical power is the ability to turn metal to somo kinda solid electricity stuff. Reall bright, real powerful. Hurts like the devil, if that stuff touches ya. I also have the ability to do the opposite, as in, if i get a stron electric current, i can turn it to solid steel. Or... Whatever that metal is. It's real light and shiny, but hard as diamond. It's near-black in color. Oh, and i'm impervious to electricity and can form it by thinking, like, if i imagine a sword, any static electricity in the area will come together and form a swword. It's handy, i'll tell ya that. As for features, i'm tall (Duh duh durr), bulky, black hair, and my days in the sun gave me a good tan. My eyes have been said to be unexplainable, they're a bright purplish color. [see alex's hoodie(my profile pic)] They're glowy. As for my past... I don't know much. I don't remember before i turned ten, and that's when Old Man Hal took me in to his farm and trained me to use my power. People don't really like me. I'm different. And a little overenthusiastic. But i hope i can be in this here guild! [he'd be in fairy tail]
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