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Shinies and Albinos UFT

A huge request for you: when you're posting links to your desired Shinies/Albinos please use the [url]*link goes here*[/url] bbcode to make your links clickable, I'm begging you. Opening the non-clickable links on mobile is a pain. And using that bbcode in posts is a lot easier.

Important info

* Check out my UFT Fields if you'd like to buy a Shiny or an Albino with a specific nature and/or gender. And after you find them, please copy the link to its Summary and add it to your order, so I will be able to easily find and send them to you (especially when I'm on mobile). Also, please use the following BBCode to make a "clickable" link:
[url]url of the Pokemon goes here[/url]
Or, if making a link is a problem (eg: on mobile) describe that Pokemon, eg: "a Shiny Female Modest Pichu" (basically tell me if it's a Shiny/Albino, name its species and write about its gender and/or nature. That's all I need to find your desired Pokemon in my fields) But still remember to check the availability in my fields first * Paying in mixed currencies (e.g. partially in GP and Gems) is OK as long as you convert the prices correctly. * Also remember that I ALWAYS send only the first Pokemon in a regular trade (unless you're paying in Gems because they require more slots to be sent) so you can pay for everything at once and if there are more Pokemon, I'm sending them as gifts for the sake of conviniency. And please, for the love of Arceus, if you didn't noticed that and sent your payment for just one Pokemon, you can change your offer in the trade centre at any time, including the payment and labell (and if I notice it - which usually happens - I'm giving you time to edit your trade before accepting it), so if you did that, please don't spam me with PMs like "ups, sending the rest of money now". Since they changed the PMs list into a conversation list (which is veeery messy in my case) I don't want anybody to PM me unless it's really going to be a longer conversation or if it's something important and can't be posted here (and apologises for sending the rest of the payment in a separate trade aren't that much important - and even necessary - to be sent in a PM to start another one of these unnecessary-one-message-long-unhideable-conversations-that-are-cluttering-in my-inbox instead of being sent in a trade description) (unless they make an "archive" folder which will let us move these unnecesary single PMs where they belong, or just let us hide older PMs from inactive people who will NEVER PM us again, but judging from the fact Niet declined it so many times it probably won't ever happen. So blame Niet, not me) Thanks for understanding

Shinies and Albinos for Sale

Note: please, check availability (especially with Albinos and gender/nature specific S/A orders) in my Fields. I will repeat: don't ask for a specific gender and/or nature unless you're 100% sure I have such Pokemon. Check my Fields before you ask

2560 EHP

Shinies: Togedemaru Albinos: None Prices: Shinies: 4 ZC / 20 GP / 20k Credits Albinos: 8 ZC / 40 GP / 40k Credits

3840 EHP

Shinies: Weedle and Sandygast Albinos: Weedle Prices: Shinies: 6 ZC / 30 GP / 30k Credits Albinos: 12 ZC / 60 GP / 60k Credits

5120 EHP

Shinies: Numel, Inkay, Klefki and Noibat Albinos: Numel, Inkay and Klefki Prices: Shinies: 8 ZC / 40 GP / 40k Credits Albinos: 16 ZC / 80 GP / 80k Credits

6,400 EHP (none ATM)

Shinies: None Albinos: None Prices: Shinies: 10 ZC / 50 GP / 50k Credits Albinos: 20 ZC / 100 GP / 100k Credits

7,680 EHP (none ATM)

Shinies: None Albinos: None Prices: Shinies: 12 ZC / 60 GP / 60k Credits Albinos: 24 ZC / 120 GP / 120k Credits

10,240 EHP (none ATM)

Shinies: None Albinos: None Prices: Shinies: 16 ZC / 80 GP / 80k Credits Shinies: 32 ZC / 160 GP / 160k Credits
Another note: As you can see I removed Gems and Summons from the prices list. This is only temporary, though - I need to prepare a table in which I will list all the Summons and Gems and their prices based of the prices on the Market. So eg. Normal Gems will be worth less than, let's say, Steel Gems (which should help reduce the Medium Normal Gems SPAM I was receiving for quite a lot of time). Meanwhile here's a list of the Summons I currently collect and how much they are worth (roughly) according to the Market: Ice Fang: 50 ZC / 250 GP / 250k Cr Magatama: 35 ZC / 175 GP / 175k Cr And you can get as many Shinies/Albinos for these Summons as they are worth in currency (and of course with the possibility to add the remaining amount of money in either currency, if necessary)
Credits: *Image of Purple Glaceon used with permission* *Avatar is an official Glaceon sprite from Pokemon Conquest*
* My Journal * My Trade Shop *
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