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Hello peeps, now that my own shinydex is filled to my satisfaction (for now), I'm here to jump on the train.

Obligatory Rule List

1: All clan rules as usual. 2: If you have to go offline while trading, please tell me first. I get worried otherwise. 3: I expect them to return in the same condition I sent them out in. Name the same, item attached, etc. 4: Collateral; this one is kinda weird. If you're Superior rank or higher, I don't require anything. However, if you're Senior or lower, then I'd like a "valuable" Pokemon as collateral. No items, I don't like other people's stuff getting mixed in with mine. In my perspective, more established users have more to lose, so they won't be as inclined to cause problems. It's not that I don't trust you, it's just that my experience with newbies is kinda spotty. 4.5: Dexing my Melans always requires 1:1 collateral.


My timezone is EST, or 4 hours ahead of server time. I'm usually around in the afternoon/evening my time, sometimes into the night if I'm having trouble sleeping (happens more than you'd think). You can always just put me on your VIP list if you're unsure.
Now, my Pokemon, organized (loosely) by their dex numbers on PFQ.

Regular Pokemon (23)

Megas (4)

PFQ Megas (4)

Alt. Formes (5)

Alolan Legends (6)

Deltas (3)

Shinies (110)

Kanto (17)

Johto (11)

Hoenn (15)

Sinnoh (11)

Gracidea must be removed to get both entries.

Unova (15)

Reveal Glass must be removed to get both entries.
If you would like Kyurem's fused formes as well, I can lend my Reshiram and/or Zekrom, but the credit price to fuse is on you.

Kalos (11)

Alola (9)

PFQ Exclusives (9)

PFQ Megas (9)

PFQ Variants (2)

Albinos (44)

Kanto (10)

Johto (3)

Hoenn (2)

Sinnoh (3)

Unova (3)

Kalos (7)

Alola (7)

PFQ Exclusives (2)

PFQ Megas (3)

PFQ Variants (2)

Melans (4)

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