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TuneSakuNatsu's AvatarTuneSakuNatsu
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Niet, as I said it in the post, I want to update this weekly, and after the forth week I'll delete the oldest one. So there will be altogether just 4 updates, just 4 weeks of sprites for safety, to not to crush page-testers. Why do you have to be so... mean? When I am trying to help the community and doing everything to manage it...? When there is a need for something like this...? So that was the plan all along what you have written in you last post...
Avatar is made by HotTubz ordered here. Collecting (mostly) missing and special deltas + deltas for Trebor! Pm me, please~ <3 ~*~*~¤~*~*~
Don't want to fall behind with the new sprites? Sprite discovery thread~ and you can discuss them in the Sprite Discovery Discussion~
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