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Forum Bump Times

These are important and should be known.

  • Suggestions; One week
↳ This means you can do a generic 'BUMP' once a week. If you have added something important to your suggestion that you believe others would benefit from seeing you may post an announcement bump. An announcement bump should only be used sparingly, at once you’ve used such a bump it goes on cool down. You will be contacted if we believe you’re abusing this feature.
  • Help; One week
↳ If your issue hasn’t been addressed and the answer is not in the help forum/FAQs or in the Wiki. As a last resort you may contact a moderator, but please be warned that most if not all answers are in the FAQ/Wiki.
  • Bugs; N/A
↳ If you have more information on the bug that hasn’t been posted beforehand and can help Niet pinpoint the issue, then please post it. We are very lenient with the bugs forum and any help or information on a bug that is – new and obviously related to the threads issue is welcome. Note, posting 'I have this issue as well' or 'I've had this' isn't helping anyone, it's spam when it's repeated.
  • Discussion; Misc; One week
↳ Discussions are just that, discussions – they really shouldn’t be bumped more than once a week by the OP. Other users other than the OP shouldn’t really be bumping unless the OP has originally been missing for quite some time. Staff will double check this and allow for the thread to be remade if the topic is still desired.
  • Guides; N/A
↳ There is no need for them to be bumped.
  • Fanfiction; N/A
↳ There is no need for them to be bumped.
  • Journals; NA
↳ There is no reason to bump a journal. If you're worried that your journal may be deleted due to inactivity, keep in mind that we go by how long it has been inactive as a whole. If your journal has a post that has been edited in the past three months it won't be deleted, though there is room for human error. Contact a Forum Moderator for retrieval of journals.
  • Trades/Trade Shops; Two days (48 hours)
↳For more information check the Rules.
  • Contests; One week
↳ If there's an important update you may post before one week has passed. Remember it has to be an important update, this is not for you to count down - but perhaps a change in prizes etc.
  • Clans Pokemon/misc; One week.
↳ If there's an important update you may post before the one week has passed - do not abuse this. Note; only owners - co-owners and thread 'helpers' who have been given permission to do so are allowed to do this. Frequent use may result in us evaluating it. So I will repeat do not abuse.
  • Roleplays Pokemon/Misc/Set-ups; One week
↳ If there's an important update you may post before the one week has passed - do not abuse this.
  • Art shops; Two days (48 hours).
↳ Important updates can get around this two day cool down, but it can't be abused. If you use your 'announcement' bump you can't do it again until two days has passed.
  • Forum Games; One week
↳ For more information on Forum Games check the Forum Games rules.
  • Battle Forum; Two days (48 hours)
↳ If there's an important update you may bump the thread with the announcement. After the announcement you won't be able to bump for another two days. Keep this in mind.
♔ Fahrum Dahdi
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