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Seeing as the old thread was 2 years old, it's time for it to retire. Instead here, have the new shiny Wiki Discussion thread. Aww, yeah. This thread is here to improve communication regarding the Wiki! Everyone can participate in both discussion and editing, so if you notice an issue with literally anything then don't hesitate to either fix it or communicate it! Suggestions regarding the Wiki are also welcomed. If your topic is something that is very specific to a page, then please consider using the Talk Pages first. This thread shouldn't end up as a replacement for them, however it can be used to bring more attention to an issue. Maybe in future I will have a fancy organisation, but for now this thread will be the same mess, as the Recent Change page is.


Important Links: List of all existing pages MediaWiki Formatting help Guide to edit the PFQ Wiki pretty lengthy in case you need something to fall asleep to. Important categories of pages: Pages with... ... ToDo-items ... missing info ... cleaning to do Important users Wiki Editors: Duckbug (Wiki name: Raca) Euradym fluffydeoxys Gamin' Mystera Rokon (Win name: StarryFlareon) Uzumi - has administration rights¹ ¹ Wiki Admins can delete pages and lock wiki users. Full list of user rights here, as a registered user you have the rights of All, Autoconfirmed users and Users.

Wiki Discord

There's now an official Wiki Discord! It's not obligatory to join it if you want to edit the Wiki, and anyone can join who wants to contribute to the Wiki in any way. This can mean: Providing information, providing screenshots/images or pointing out pages that are in need of editing. Just generally discussing things. Oh, and actual editing. For obvious reasons: This server will contain spoilers to PFQ mechanics and events! The invite link is here: https://discord.gg/ZQfqDsD Please make sure to read the #welcome and the pinned messages in channels you want to participate in.
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