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QUOTE originally posted by VeryVague

Love the guidelines! One question, though. Let's say I'm using the Zygarde skin (which I am), and you are using the Xerneas skin. Will my signature appear different, even though I have not edited it since I switched skins?
Since you have nothing in particular defined..

QUOTE originally posted by Color Usage & Why It's Important

To recap: 1] No [color], no [background] = OK!

QUOTE originally posted by NyanLoki

I'm glad this is an announcement now because I've been wondering if there was a way to fix some text visibility on one of my tabs. So what my problem is is that I have an image background that I'm assuming is too small so the image duplicates itself through the whole page. Is there a way to make this work for me or am I doomed to have these particular areas ruined with this technique? If any of the admins need a visual of what I mean, the problem is found within my "Alternate Personalities" tab on my about me page.
What you have is not okay. You have a background image and red text making this impossible to read. Remove the images and don't define a text color unless you define a background color for it. You also need to fix the width of your template - I'd suggest contacting BananaLizard for help.

QUOTE originally posted by Raca

QUOTE originally PMed by Raca

[ . . . ] You mentioned that usage of the overflow property should be avoided. So I was unaware of this until then, and wondered if an application like this is okay. [ . . . ]
Now that the thread has mysteriously reopened, I've moved my question here.

QUOTE originally posted by Other restrictions & guidelines

1]: Scroll bars & "overflow" Generally speaking, you should never use the "overflow" code. This code puts scrollbars in your post. At best, it's a hassle to scroll them. At worst, part of your post becomes hidden and unreadable. This is especially an issue for mobile users, as touchscreens are not capable of handling scrolling inside the main page.
When we review what was said, it would mean this sort of application isn't okay. If It's used to display a code, it's acceptable.
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