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10k in what? Well just lil while ago (since I'm 26 hatches late), I checked my chain count to see where it was right now since I last checked it. Seems that my Pichu hunt, that I started over a year ago that started around late December 2014 to early January 2015(( and has been slowly to actively worked on while I help make pretty art stuff)), has just hit the hatch chain of 10,000. Right now, when this post was made, my Pichu Chain sits at 10,026 Hatches with over 204 Shinies, Arcues knows how many Albinos and 2 Melans. Aside that over 9.5k of those Pichu were also normal colored that were hatched, All of which have helped me rank up my badges along side those users who helped me get to the current badge I have((Wishalloy at the time this was posted)). Of the Pichu I've hatched, I do have the 3 1st Pichu of their S/A/M colors, aside from Sai, the Pichu I started my PFQ Journey with c:, all of my 1st Pichu have long since evolved, and are to stay, as Pikachu! : • My 1st shiny was a Female Pichu, Sakura, who was hatched 1/279 in the chain and hatched on January 21, 2015. • My 1st Albino was a male Pichu, Tip, who was hatched on February 19, 2015 • My 1st Melan was a Female Pichu, Yami, who hatched 88/3850, in the chain and hatched on July 11, 2015 Only reason why I haven't stopped or given up on this Chain is because out of all the Pokemon on site that have albinos and Melans, the Pichu line is the only line I really really love so much to try this long in getting its whole Evolutionary line plus its PFQ Mega Evolution in all 4 variant colors. While my 1st goal was just to get 1 melan, the goal grew to get 4 total. Getting a 5th Melan Pichu is the long shot idea. But I'm not giving up on it. I may not have good luck in getting albinos often, but I'm still going to try! even if it takes me another 10k, I'm getting my family of Pichu!
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