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Melan Hunting Tips

Disclaimer: This post is meant as a (partial) joke and so I refuse to take responsibility for any failures. I've often hatched a melan without meaning to - and by that, I mean actually hunt the species for the melan. When I do hunt one on purpose and focus too much on it, my luck rapidly goes down the drain. xD So I thought I'd write down my lucky "methods" in case one of 'em does help (somehow...). The main key is not to get your hopes up too much with every egg, because most of the time you'll end up frustrated/disappointed.
  • Hatch eggs as if you're just hoarding the normal ones.
  • Set a goal - and no, not "HATCH A MELAN" but something like... Hatch x total eggs, or hatch x shinies/albinos. Once you pass that goal, put the bar higher.
  • Spare no expenses if you can help it. Max out your Albino Radar as much as you can, as many times as you can (and don't forget to earn it back). Same goes for the PokéRadar, Übercharm and Shiny Charm.
  • If you're on a budget (qua GP/ZC/IP), see when you'd be able to take advantage of it the most. Having everything activated really helps your chances.
  • On days when the Sei counter is active and/or the PotD is yours (preferably both!) give it all you got: max albino level, activate everything, and click and hatch as if a sparkling sunlight-resistant vampire is behind you! And I repeat: do not think of the melan, but go after the shiny/albino/egg goal.
  • Mosr secret (not rly - jk).
    Have a squirt bottle of Elta's Cookie Pee handy to spray on each egg for luck. My rain is glorious.
That's everything I can think of right now. Good luck, fellow hunters!
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