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Guarantied Hunts

🔷 Sawk Hunt v.2
v1 was 116 eggs
Goal: 1x Shiny & 1x Albino Unova Hunts Goal: 1x Shiny & 1x Albino of every evolution Deerling, Oshawott, Maractus, Vanillite, Tepig, Sandile

Planned Hunts


—Sawk (ErrahM; albino) ditto, 65% —Castform 74% pair—thank you annej96 —Rotom (albino) ditto, 65% —Pumpkaboo what size? —Skrelp —Zubat
My first shiny in Pokémon Black was a Golbat, and it's now level 100 and a Crobat and it's my favorite pokémon ever. Watermelon Bat
Supposedly, Karai is going to hunt this sometime in the far future. I'm on her list at the price of a BoxBox. We'll see who hunts it first though.
Same situation with Minun - Demontear is going to hunt it next, but they don't have HM and haven't hatched anything yet in their current hunt
—Drilbur —Zigzagoon —Spoink —Eevee goal: timid male + evos —Onix goal: albino —Eventually, I'll hunt for the evolutions of the pokémon I bough When I have nothing else to do: —Roggenrola v.3 (melanistic x2) 70% pair If I have a spare month: —Pichu v.2 (melanistic) 91% pair If I ever go mad: —Carbink v.3 (melanistic)
Scatterbug: 97♂A/122 (from August 15? til August 22) Sandile: 89♀A/91 (from August 26? til August 29) Pumpkaboo: random ♀A (August 29) Munna: 12♀A/? (September 1) Munna: 110♂A/lost count (from September 5 til ?) Roggenrola: 136♀S (September 23)

Pipe Dream Hunts

🗻 Roggenrola Hunt v.3
v1 was 154 eggs, v2 was 252. starting v3 at 406 previous hatched
Goal: 2x Melanistic Note: will accept hunt spots—make another post for it 🎑 Phantump Hunt v.2
v1 was 192 eggs
Goal: 2x Melanistic Note: accept hunt spots—same post as ^ Pichu Hunt v.2
v1 was 863 eggs
Goal: 1x Melanistic (at least) Note: accept hunt spots—same post as ^ 🏆 Victini Hunt 🏆 Goal: 1x Shiny & 1x Albino

PFQ Exclusive Hunts

🔵 Blue Moon Slugma Hunt 🔵 Goal: 2x Shiny & 2x Albino 🌠 Shooting Star Cleffa Hunt 🌠 Goal: 3x Shiny & 3x Albino

keeping for later use


Shelter Pass S
Current Hunt: none
×0 | ×0 | ×0 ∞║№ Hatched: 0║∞

hunt table code

[table][tr][th]×0 [img]https://i.pfq.me/t=1400179603/img/pkmn/shiny.png[/img] | ×0 [img]https://i.pfq.me/t=1414662094/img/pkmn/albino.png[/img] | ×0 [img]https://i.pfq.me/t=1422886126/img/pkmn/melanistic.png[/img] ∞║№ Hatched: ║∞[/th][/tr][/table]
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