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Entry #15

Nov. 29, 2015 I don't understand. I keep seeing the term "mini mod" or "thread mod" everywhere and it's driving me crazy. Even when I suggest using "helper" or something similar, people insist on using the two mentioned above. It's fine to have other users help manage your thread. It is NOT okay for them to be enforcing any rules you may have laid out. Look at it this way: if someone posts and breaks one of your rules, they're spamming. If one of said "thread mods" posts to tell said person they broke a rule, that's an additional pointless post. That's two spam posts because they can't delete the original spam post. Plus they're breaking a site rule by actually mini-modding (aka doing a staff member's job for them). It's a no-go and will even get the "thread mods" in trouble. Seriously, the only time a thread helper is really helping is by reporting the user and pointing out the spam to actual staff members. Using a role that contains the term "mod" or something when you're not part of staff is... misleading, for lack of a better word. You don't have the ability to do something about rule breakers, and attempting to take matters into your own hands can get you reported for mini-modding. The irony, right? So yeah, please stop using "mini mod" or "thread mod". It's becoming one of my pet peeves.
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