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Single post in Novie's Topsie Tent of Trades [Open]

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Yami's reading some book involving PFQ


You venture through the seemingly endless rows of Tents and Booths in the Trading District of Pokefarm, beyond Staff Building. After searching through the aisles, time pasts and a shine catches your eye. Looking toward the source of the light, you spot a Melanistic Pikachu sitting at a table in front of a large black and grey tint, decored with a Pikachu on top. A Monitor floats next to the Rodent Pokemon, catching the sun off its screen. You approach the Tent, noticing the Pikachu is occupied by the book she's reading. Unsure to interrupt her, You look around at the table separating the both of you before spotting a note card with an Arrow on it, pointing to the Monitor. Taking a moment, you start reading through the writing displayed on the floating screen.

Shop Rules, Please read

• All PokeFarm Q rules apply. If unfamiliar see Site Rules ll Trade forum rules • Please clearly label your trades. If you wish to use a forum, one is provided below. • Prices are set in this shop. There is usually a big list of options to choose from. Mixing suggested prices to the equip amount is acceptable. • Wait for me to reply back to offers on trades. While its likely I'll accept trades, there are times I'll decline them. If I'm demanded, spoken to rudely I Will decline. • I have right to Decline Trades. No means No • We don't accept prepaying or holding • The shop will try to stay updated whenever trades are done. There are a few sections in the Shop that update automatically but the RTE Booth, for example, needs manual edit. There have been times when Novie has forgotten to update. We do apologize if that happens. • Please, please Do not be rude
The prices in every section are labled as clearly as possible by the shop owner. Most of the Prices in all booth areas have it listed as Swapping, Selling and/or Buying. Price boxes usually hold the prices of items, what can be swapped and possibly what Item is being sought after, etc. Swapping: Self explanatory Selling: Items listed are what The Shop is Selling them for. The price for said items to be sold. Buying: Items listed are what Novie would like to buy them for from other users.
By the time you finish reading, you turn back to the Pikachu, startled with her now staring at you. How long has she been watching you!? Her golden eyes shine as she gives you a small smile, though her expression still seemingly not interested. "Hello. Welcome to Novie's Topsie Tent of Trades. My name is Yami, and I tend to this Tent of her's," She says politely with a soft tone in her voice, standing from her cushion. " If there's anything that peeks your interests or seek to buy, due let me know with whatever you have to offer. Inside you'll see a small albino Pikachu and a Shiny Pawniard. Tip, the Pikachu, will grab the items you wish when you ask for them, but please be kind to him, he's a bit on the timid side. Edge, the Pawniard, is our Security so please behave while inside. She will not tolerate those who don't follow our rules or be mean to Tip." She explains as she leads you into the tent. You see that inside the tent are 4 Booths, all decorated with different items placed neatly on the booth's table or the shelves just behind them. You notice the other Pikachu tending to a booth in the corner, while the Pawniard sits calmly in her corner, drinking some Berry Juice. "I do hope you like our small Tent and hope you find what you're looking for, user," Yami chirps, heading back outside to her chair. "Have fun."

Shop Form(optional)

Here's the shop's form if you wish to use it. Its optional. Section: "Booth" area What You're offering: your item(s) What Yami has: shop's item(s) Link: (opinional; use mainly for specific Shiny wanted)

form; nobbcode version

[b]Section:[/b] "Booth" area [b]What You're offering:[/b] your item(s) [b]What Yami has:[/b] shop's item(s) [b]Link:[/b] (opinional; use mainly for specific Shiny wanted)

Bump Info

This shop doesn't update every 48 hours but mainly updates when something drastic is changed or when something is added. The image itself says "BUMP" but its far from it. Novie's Starter Pokemon, Sai, Brings in items for restock for the Tent. Under his Image will all the info listed. Also, to tell its a update post, Sai's bump will also have the Thread's Template be used.

Shop Banner

Shop finally have a Banner~ Featuring Novie's shop host Pikachu, Yami!


In case anyone would be interested <3 I'm sorry for the size qwq [url=https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/20595/Novie-s-Topsie-Tent-of-Trades-OPEN][img]https://pokefarm.com/upload/Novan-chan/Artwork/Shop_artwork/Tent_of_Trades_Banner_by_Novanchan.png[/img][/url]

Pokeball Corner
can tell which Pokeball holds what by the stickers! the 2 on the side without stickers are either slightly rare PKmn (Ex: Left Handed Delphox) or an Exclusive!

Current Hunt

Current Hunt
ChainHunt's Info
Updated: 2/8 Hatched: 36,914 Shiny: 920+ Albino: 80+ Melan: 14 • Shiny Pichu: Due to a Flash Sale, Shinies are currently NUFT here. • Albino Pichu: Are currently UFT • Melan Pichu: Only Melans listed below are UFT • Due to having more than 100 Pichu most the time, one can typically ask for Gen and Nature an it'll likely be available

Past Hunts

No Past hunts recorded.



Rank 1: RTE PKMN
500 ea. 3 ea. 1 ea.
Rank 2: RTE PKMN
1200 ea. 6 ea. 2 ea.
Ready To Evolve (RTE) Pokemon
Pokemon Evo Types Amount
Rank 1
Vulpix 17 Note: Fire stones not included.
Vulpix (Alolan) 14 Note: Ice stones not included.
Braxien 0 Note: All evolve to Right hand
Rank 2

Special Pkmn


Shop's Sell Prices
20 ea. 1
any box
Ready To Evolve (RTE) Pokemon
Sp.Pokemon Amount Status
Left Handed Delphox 0 Ongoing!
Quickball Maravol 0 ---

Shiny PKMN


Shop's Sell Prices
S1,530 – 2,805 EHP prices
15 2*
Any Medium Gem
any box
2 for 1*
ANY Summon; Azure used for Display
1 Shiny of same EHP 50
50.000 credits per
Shiny Pokemon
try to update when able
S1,530 – 2,805 EHP prices
Pichu Currently Unavailable

Albino Pokemon:


Sell Prices
1,280-3,840 step prices
30 10 150
ANY Z-Fragment; preferred Electrium
5,120 step prices
40 14 200
ANY Z-Fragment; preferred Electrium
7,680 step prices
60 18 300
Albino Pokemon
try to update when able
S1,530 – 3,840 steps
7,680 steps

Melan Pokemon:


optional values
1=100 1=100 600=100
Sorry, None are currently Available
Art By Novan Code by Shazi
Novan-Chan and all forms of her belong to me Art for the Avatar of Novan is made by me for my use only!
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