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When We Fall - An Omega Ruby Nuzloke by CatLoverFoxLover


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Page Description

Oof, Krita takes some getting used to. But after a week or so of putting it off, I sat down and got the cover done! I have decided to comic-ize my Omega Ruby Nuzloke! Now, let's get to the rules: - If a Pokèmon faints, it's dead and must be boxed and not used again - Only one Pokèmon per route - absolutely required Pokèmon or shinies are exceptions though - No Exp. Share - now I'm just making myself suffer lol - No rules against items in battle, because I said so - I must nickname all my Pokèmon - The origins of eggs count as the place I got them - if a Pokèmon was caught before hatching, the hatchling must be boxed - If I lose a battle, It's Game Over Please note that while I am posting this, I am only at Fortree City! If I die in the middle of it, don't come at me. Now that I think of it, this was probably a bad idea I'll set a schedule later. Maybe.

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