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...The Year of Wilting Elideas... by hypermode-24.pngxaandiir


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Page Description

Cover of the comic :) I'm excited to be making this comic for everyone! It'll be a fun trip, I think. While some somewhat mature themes may be present in the future, it'll still be family-friendly like the pokemon games themselves!

Reader Comments

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Just subbed, looking forward to reading!
RooCatswort @ 13/Feb/2023 00:51
Your artwork looks amazing!
Dragon light @ 05/Feb/2023 17:37
Art is amazing. Side note; apparently Silver is a REALLY common name for Shiny Eevees. My Pokesona, whom I made long before I saw this, is also a female Shiny Eevee named Silver...what are the odds?
JirachiStar5525 @ 29/Apr/2019 12:39
@Mucka33, @Brightheart: Thank you both so much! :D
hypermode-12.pngxaandiir @ 28/Apr/2019 03:35
in reply to Mucka33's comment
Dang your art looks really nice. Can't wait to see where this comic goes!
Mucka33 @ 28/Apr/2019 03:26
OMG the art is amazing
White Blanket @ 28/Apr/2019 02:25
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