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If Ben Tennyson were on Pokefarm... by JirachiStar5525

Chapter I-Page 1

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Page Description

So, trying a comic of my own... It's mostly a comedy, maybe some action involved. Ben got woke up by a Litten triggering his allergies. That's one form of an alarm clock! FYI, Ben is sneezing in the second panel. The show has confirmed Ben is allergic to most animals, why wouldn't he be allergic to a cat Pokemon? Okay, other stuffs: I don't really have a schedule for updating, I'm probably just gonna update when I feel like it. It'll probably have a slow start, (I'm not one for easing into the action) but if you wanna help, just PM me! Pokemon and humans have different fonts used for their speech, the reason will soon be revealed-but the keen-sighted may figure it out sooner... I plan on going very light on the backgrounds. Maybe in a few pages I'll let you have Trainer cameos. I know the art is lackluster, but this comic is mostly for laughs, not to show off my art. I have an art shop for that. Shading is done by setting the Paintbrush to 10% opacity and brushing over certain areas, so that's why the shading on Ben's skin looks a bit off.

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I saw the little word noob at the last panel of the page
Pokakat @ 02/Oct 17:03
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