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Menagerie by Zan


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it's 2 am and i'm overly sentimental and hfjfkjkdf yeah meu's pretty cool and all but one thing this comic fails to emphasize is how much of a f reaking nerd she is. ok gnight

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Hehe you two nerdy qts The same can be said to you zan, you are very much important to a lot of us too !!
Terubii @ 19/Feb/2017 08:19
:,DD look at us all, we so cooot
Clow @ 13/Feb/2017 15:57
@Zan: [cont'd 2/2] Uzumi (Gallade), Sei (Poochy), Nagito (Espeon), yCr (Magnemite), Earthsong (Xerneas), altias (Togekiss), Skelabra (Shinx), Type Null (Type: Null), fairytrainer (Flabébé), Kelri (Eevee; left)
Zan @ 13/Feb/2017 07:44
in reply to Zan's comment
SPECIAL APPEARANCES BY: Meu (Umbreon; center), Kase (Tyrantrum), octopolis (Octillery), NightcallerZ (Lucario), Tabitha Mori (Umbreon; right) & Zander (Eevee; right), Clow (Sylveon), Permafrost (Honedge), Terubii (Buneary) [cont'd 1/2]
Zan @ 13/Feb/2017 07:43
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