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Cafe Del Eons by Clow

C1 - Page One

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Page Description

Look at that name That dazzling name I name pages so well. So the reason the name is C1 - Page One is because I will be writing these pages in Chapter like incraments. You'll know a chapters over by the change in Cs. C1, C2, C3, etc etc. Also, all the eeveelutions are boys. It'll be really obvious soon, but I wanted to make sure you know.

Reader Comments

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Why did I just jump onto the train... Well, hours of reading, here I come...
RentheLilli @ 08/Sep/2018 14:14
Indeed! LOL @Panda12345:
Lana The Glaceon @ 23/May/2018 00:37
in reply to Panda12345's comment
Such a good beginning!!
Panda12345 @ 30/Mar/2018 03:04
@Nebby: Nvm, Found out how to change pages.
Nebby @ 28/Jan/2018 14:23
in reply to Nebby's comment
A bit short, But good!
Nebby @ 28/Jan/2018 14:22
to any new readers I promise the art gets better //shotd -The Author
Clow @ 11/Dec/2017 18:18
@DigiGirl: Axel AKA best member of Organization XIII (i've played all but Birth By Sleep and 0.2)
SonicT @ 27/Mar/2017 14:06
in reply to DigiGirl's comment
i cant reed it i think the text is too light or something
KÏGüRüMÏ @ 07/Nov/2016 19:43
I find the text a little hard to read but this is super ultra cute!
PokeSlash @ 07/Nov/2016 18:42
@Aquaffinity oh yeah.... poor vaporeon!
geck @ 19/Jul/2015 01:42
in reply to Aquaffinity's comment
Does anyone notice vaporeon's POOR TAIL!?
Aquaffinity @ 10/Jul/2015 03:17
geck @ 09/Jun/2015 00:34
You named a fire type Axel.... I LOVE IT!!! (Favorite character in Kingdom Hearts.)
DigiGirl @ 04/Jun/2015 09:05
Eeep, soo good and pretty
RainbowTrainer @ 03/Jun/2015 01:32
You did a great job here! I love the variety of Eeveelutions!
HoeenHero @ 05/May/2015 21:38
LOL that Umbreon's face XD
Shadestrike @ 21/Feb/2015 19:22
I like the shiny sylveon
Musicjax @ 17/Feb/2015 00:12
@Clow Pffft everyone expects male sylveon. WHat everyone DOESN'T expect is a shiny sylveon
April82 @ 12/Feb/2015 07:36
in reply to Clow's comment
No,broooooooo. I don't wanna gooooooooooooooooo. You earned a sub!
DerpyEmerald @ 12/Feb/2015 02:34
@WölfCry Hehe, Thank you! I love making Sylveon a male because no one sees it coming.
Clow @ 12/Feb/2015 02:31
in reply to WölfCry's comment
Heheh male sylveon tho This is awesome btw. I love it!
WölfCry @ 12/Feb/2015 02:29
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