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Soundless Voice by PlasmaStorm

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Hello hello! This is my first comic published and to be super blunt. I have no idea how to draw a comic at all, nor do I have any experience on doing it, so I'm open to criticisms! And yes I suck at digital colouring so I am not gonna colour any of them pages ._. Random question to start it off! Do you think that this will be a sad comic, or a happy one? Again, thank you so much for bearing my very 'un professional' drawing and hope you like it ;-;

Reader Comments

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dont worry about it its better than i could ever draw
AyametheKoifish @ 30/Apr/2017 13:00
sad. definitely sad.
Kitty965 @ 15/Feb/2017 02:13
@LKWayvern Oooh feel free! I like to have people teach me how to draw or give some advice, still trying to get the paws right XD
PlasmaStorm @ 03/Oct/2015 14:14
in reply to LKWayvern's comment
So far it sounds very sad. And as for advice on how to get better... Well, I could explain how I do stuff. But how I do stuff is kind of odd. And long. So I would have to PM it to you.
LKWayvern @ 03/Oct/2015 14:09
IT SHALL BE A SOMBER COMIC >:V And bah, nice drawings, pff. Comics don't need to be pretty to be good!
Deoxtri @ 03/Oct/2015 11:29
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