Random Eggs/Pokémon

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Welcome to PokéFarm

Collect Eggs!

In PokéFarm, you can collect all kinds of Pokémon Eggs. With care, they will develop and hatch into a wide variety of Pokémon!

Raise Pokémon!

Of course, hatching Eggs is only the beginning. Pokémon can be raised to Level 100, evolved, and their Happiness can be raised too. Treat your Pokémon with love!


Interact with friends to earn bonuses. You can compete for the top spot on the leaderboards, and cooperate for great rewards at the same time!

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Play Minigames!

We have a variety of Minigames you can play to spend time with your Pokémon, raise their Happiness and win prizes. Fun for all!

Collect 'em All!

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